Stop struggling to build a support system and join this exclusive accountability circle for young adults
Does this sound familiar? 
You're frustrated with your current social circle 
All of your friendships are shallow 
You don't feel comfortable expressing yourself to your peers
 This support group is the solution for young adults between the ages of 16 and 24 who struggle with finding social support, staying accountable to goals, and being motivated.
You deserve to be supported
You deserve true friendships
You deserve to reach your goals
If you're ready to stop feeling alone and start being supported by young adults just like you, then you're ready to join our exclusive support circle
Here's a secret: You CAN have a support system of like minded peers as a young adult!
Accountability Circle Benefits
 When Shampaigne isn’t working with her global base of young adult clients, she is running Bold Babes Co, a relationship brokerage firm for professional millennial women. Shampaigne has been featured in Press as well as partnered with corporations, nonprofits and education institutions to motivate young adults to reach their highest potentials. 
Don’t miss this opportunity to work with Shampaigne. All Clients who enroll in My Young Adult Coach programs always receive the peace of mind in knowing that their coach has both experienced and overcame all of the issues they face as a young adult making life transitions in the modern age.
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Here's the Investment
Still don't know if this is the right support group for you?
This group is best for young adults between the ages of 16 and 24 who have struggled with finding peer support and are ready to invest in becoming an accountability partner in a group of like minded young adults.
This workshop isn't suited for anyone younger or older than the ages of 16 and 24. This course isn't fit for those who can't commit to being an accountability partner or those who aren't ready to change the way they set and reach their goals.
Find the payment option for you and access the circle now!